an irrigation ditch.
historical examples

they are watered by an acequia that brings water from sun river several miles above the post.
army letters from an officer’s wife, 1871-1888 frances m.a. roe

i shall walk up the acequia to the rock i am going to blast.
lone pine r. b. (richard baxter) townshend

but when it reaches the end of the acequia, it is lost between the trench and the field to which they would conduct it.
the argentine republic pierre denis

he said his horse had stumbled into an acequia in the darkness and fallen on him, and now he wanted to get up.
marion’s faith. charles king

then came the sidewalk, and the acequia (ditch), then a row of young cottonwood trees, then the parade ground.
vanished arizona martha summerhayes

the acequia court is one of the most beautiful of the patios in the buildings comprising the alhambra.
old continental towns walter m. gallichan

circling the camp at wide distance, he had crossed the acequia and reached the gila road.
a wounded name charles king

presently salvador himself came bustling up from the acequia, whip in hand and revolver on hip.
lone pine r. b. (richard baxter) townshend

and he himself started out towards the acequia to look at the tracks.
lone pine r. b. (richard baxter) townshend

he had laughed at the orisons offered up by the santiago people before blasting the acequia; he did not laugh at hers.
lone pine r. b. (richard baxter) townshend

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