(def 1).
historical examples

and he said: go up, and say to achab: prepare thy chariot, and go down, lest the rain prevent thee.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

so achab slept with his fathers; and ochozias, his son, reigned in his stead.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

for which crime elias denounceth to achab the judgments of g-d: upon his humbling himself the sentence is mitigated.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

and when achab was dead, he broke the league which he had made with the king of israel.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

and elias said to achab: go up, eat and drink: for there is a sound of abundance of rain.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

now josaphat was rich and very glorious, and was joined by affinity to achab.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

abdias therefore went to meet achab, and told him: and achab came to meet elias.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

he also walked in the ways of the house of achab: for his mother pushed him on to do wickedly.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

achab sent to all the children of israel, and gathered together the prophets unto mount carmel.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

achab believing his false prophets, rather than micheas, is slain in ramoth galaad.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

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