dean (gooderham)
[goo d-er-ham,, -uh m] /ˈgʊd ərˌhæm,, -əm/ (show ipa), 1893–1971, u.s. statesman: secretary of state 1949–53.
edward goodrich
[goo d-rich] /ˈgʊd rɪtʃ/ (show ipa), 1856–1931, u.s. chemist.
contemporary examples

acheson also persuaded senate foreign relations committee chairman arthur vandenberg, a republican, to back truman on this.
obama’s ‘no containment’ aipac speech made war with iran inevitable michael tomasky march 5, 2012

acheson, too, was anything but an anti-semite and quite free of malevolence.
it’s not israel’s fault edward n. luttwak july 6, 2010

“we had a couple martinis and an excellent dinner together,” acheson said.
neil armstrong’s heroic challenger task matthew deluca august 25, 2012

for an engineer and an astronaut, acheson said, armstrong was not half bad wielding a pen.
neil armstrong’s heroic challenger task matthew deluca august 25, 2012

historical examples

the girls retired to bed; but mrs. chetwynd sat up late, wishing much that she had mrs. acheson to consult with.
the girls of st. wode’s l. t. meade

i asked mr. acheson if he could make diamonds in his furnaces.
boys’ second book of inventions ray stannard baker

at eleven oclock an open landau was at the door, and mrs. acheson and annie went for their drive.
the girls of st. wode’s l. t. meade

perhaps you would like to go down to the drawing-room to mother and mrs. acheson.
the girls of st. wode’s l. t. meade

mrs. acheson and belle sat up a little longer, then they also retired for the night.
the girls of st. wode’s l. t. meade

presently mrs. acheson suggested that they should go to bed.
the girls of st. wode’s l. t. meade

dean (gooderham). 1893–1971, us lawyer and statesman: secretary of state (1949–53) under president truman

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