achieng is a name that is very unique and means smart ,kind ,funny ,and many great things.

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  • seedless cucumber

    a man who has been fixed (vasectomy) has a “seedless cuc-mber” i can’t get pregnant, he has a seedless cuc-mber!

  • lelandra

    a very small pet-te girl. very nice and funny, but kind of weird and might as well be a meme. hey, have you seen that lelandra meme yet?

  • penial farm

    a controlled area, usually a penitentiary, that is widely known to inhabit only males who seek s-xual dominance over other males man my -ss sure does feel different after being released from the penial farm.

  • lydia taylor

    the most amazing lesbian anyone could meet d-mn, lydia taylor is a bad b-tch

  • bikola

    a fat r-t-rd with a stupid haircut and a m-ssive forehead. is that bikola no it’s an autistic cat

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