the king of the philistine city of gath, who twice gave refuge to david. i sam. 21:10–15.
historical examples

and achish said unto david, know thou -ssuredly, that thou shalt go out with me to battle, thou and thy men.
the king james bible, complete various

then the other princes said to achish: what need of these hebrews?
the history of antiquity, vol. ii (of vi) max duncker

achish summoned all his troops, in order to inflict a decisive blow on israel.
history of the jews, vol. i (of 6) heinrich graetz

the servants of achish said unto him, is not this david, the king of the land?
the expositor’s bible: the first book of samuel w. g. blaikie

he therefore begged achish to -ssign to him and his followers a dwelling-place in one of his citadels.
history of the jews, vol. i (of 6) heinrich graetz

there was much common sense in the demand, and achish could not but feel it.
the expositor’s bible: the first book of samuel w. g. blaikie

and david arose, and he p-ssed over with the six hundred men that were with him unto achish, king of gath.
the bible for young people anonymous

achish said to david, therefore will i make you keeper of my head for ever.
the world english bible (web), the old testament, complete various

achish said to david, “in that case i will make you the captain of my body-guard from this time on.”
the children’s bible henry a. sherman

what a picture of a furious madman is the description of his conduct when achish’s servants came to arrest him.
the life of david alexander maclaren

angry, perhaps only a general t-tle of royalty applicable to the philistine kings. (1.) the king with whom david sought refuge when he fled from saul (1 sam. 21:10-15). he is called abimelech in the superscription of ps. 34. it was probably this same king to whom david a second time repaired at the head of a band of 600 warriors, and who -ssigned him ziklag, whence he carried on war against the surrounding tribes (1 sam. 27:5-12). achish had great confidence in the valour and fidelity of david (1 sam. 28:1,2), but at the instigation of his courtiers did not permit him to go up to battle along with the philistine hosts (1 sam. 29:2-11). david remained with achish a year and four months. (2.) another king of gath, probably grandson of the foregoing, to whom the two servants of shimei fled. this led shimei to go to gath in pursuit of them, and the consequence was that solomon put him to death (1 kings 2:39-46).

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