trouble, a valley near jericho, so called in consequence of the trouble which the sin of achan caused israel (josh. 7:24,26). the expression “valley of achor” probably became proverbial for that which caused trouble, and when isaiah (isa. 65:10) refers to it he uses it in this sense: “the valley of achor, a place for herds to lie down in;” i.e., that which had been a source of calamity would become a source of blessing. hosea also (hos. 2:15) uses the expression in the same sense: “the valley of achor for a door of hope;” i.e., trouble would be turned into joy, despair into hope. this valley has been identified with the wady kelt.

historical examples

and the name of that place was called the valley of achor, until this day.
the bible, douay-rheims version various

and as he treads the valley of achor, he “sings there as in the days of his youth.”
the hart and the water-brooks; john r. macduff

other references to the ancient history are the story of gibeah and the valley of achor.
the expositor’s bible: the book of the twelve prophets, vol. i george adam smith

there is a very interesting allusion to “the valley of achor” in hos.
life and times of david charles henry mackintosh

let us read with earnest attention the inscription on that awful monument in the valley of achor.
life and times of david charles henry mackintosh

how wonderful to hear of songs of praise in the valley of achor!
life and times of david charles henry mackintosh

beeroth also commanded the exit from the princ-p-l ravine by which joshua could march upwards to the ridge—the valley of achor.
the astronomy of the bible e. walter maunder

wherefore the name of that place was called, the valley of achor, unto this day.
the bible for young people anonymous

the third band had gone eastward, along the road which led across the barren wilderness to the valley of achor and the jordan.
biblical geography and history charles foster kent

achor is, ‘a species of the herpes;’ and hey, ‘an expression of joy.’
deformities of samuel johnson, selected from his works anonymous

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