dutch word for r-t-rded.
doe niet zo achterlijk (don’t be so r-t-rded)

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  • pengfag

    when you play club penguin, and you are over the age of 13, you are cl-ssified as a pengf-g. “oh wow, look at carlos, he’s already in high school and he plays club penguin. what a pengf-g.”

  • Bonification

    the process of juxtaposing one’s b-n-r to another, in a rather businesslike manner, to come to some sort of conclusion. juan had practiced bonification with raul in many business deals, the winner being the person with the biggest b-n-r.

  • mung soup

    that slime around a baby after its born. that b-tch hair look like mung soup

  • duty dungeon

    b-tthole action sara: hey p–poo. p–poo: what up sara. sara: yooooo you look good tonight…. down for some duty dungeon action… p–poo: f-cking right but this time it’s my turn.

  • paratext

    when you send or receive a text that is so long that you need to scroll down. jane: “so… did you hear from that s-xy fireman from the bar?” jill: “yeah, but no dice. he paratexted me. what a weirdo.”

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