Acid metaprotein

a metaprotein derived by means of a hydrolytic acid.

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  • Acid number

    a number expressing the acidity of a substance, equal to the number of milligrams of pot-ssium hydroxide needed to neutralize the free fatty acids present in one gram of the substance. historical examples the saponification number and acid number are both very low, but a fatty oil is present. the propaganda for reform in proprietary […]

  • Acid perfusion test

    acid perfusion test acid perfusion test n. see bernstein test.

  • Acid phosphatase

    acid phosphatase acid phosphatase n. a phosphatase with optimum functioning at ph 5.4 and present in the prostate gland.

  • Acid phosphate

    (def 1). historical examples the fertilizers that i get more inquiries about than any others are the phosphates—bone meal, acid phosphate and rock phosphate. trees, fruits and flowers of minnesota, 1916 various to furnish the phosphoric acid he can buy 1,786 pounds acid phosphate. the first book of farming charles l. goodrich either ground bone […]

  • Acid precipitation

    meteorological precipitation that is relatively acidic. acid precipitation any form of precipitation, including rain, snow, hail, fog, or dew, that is high in acid pollutants, especially sulfuric and nitric acid. acid precipitation has a ph of less than 5.6 (the normal acidity of unpolluted atmospheric water) and is often less than ph 5.0. also called […]

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