someone who enjoys taking lsd a lot.
that acidhead knows that lsd isn’t addictive,he just likes taking it anyway.
a user of lsd. based on the term ‘pot head’, but for lsd instead of pot.
paul was an acid head and enjoyed tripping on lsd.
contemporary word for post industrial shaman.

usually found in warehouses with other shapeshifters and dreggs of society in overlooked parts of the city where loud repet-tive music can be played until dawn regardless of the flexy muscles of the much loathed (by acidheads) section 64.
more tradionally found stumbling around the english countryside in the early hours of sunday morning scaring local dogwalkers and p-ss-ng off the forestry commission.
despite much prejudice and a general frowning apon for their sketchy ways and fear of televisions, the acidhead provides a valuable role in the evolution of conciousness.
“where are all the acidheads?”
someone who is hooked on acid.
people who listen to the grateful dead are 10x more likely to be acidheads than the regular population.
a derogatory term for someone who is seriously addicted to taking lysergic acid diethymide (lsd)
”getting drugged up i guess acidhead!”

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