the lover of galatea, killed by polyphemus out of jealousy.
historical examples

the part of acis by mr. mountier, being the first time of his appearing in character on any stage.
dr. arne and rule, britannia william hayman c-mmings

oh, i guess your meaning at last; you wish to tell me, acis, that it is cold!
the ‘characters’ of jean de la bruyre jean de la bruyre

the blood of acis was changed into a river of the same name at the foot of mount etna.
character sketches of romance, fiction and the drama, vol 1 the rev. e. cobham brewer, ll.d.

the polyphemus in acis and galatea has a fine amplitude of rough buffoonery.
handel romain rolland

as the blood of acis crept in a stream from under the rock it grew paler and paler until it turned into water.
stories of old greece and rome emilie kip baker

the autumn snowflake, l. autumnale or acis autumnalis, is an exquisite little bulb with white blossoms, tinged with rose.
the book of bulbs samuel arnott

galatea turned his blood into a river—the acis at the foot of mount etna.
1000 mythological characters briefly described edward s. ellis

the pretty little plants, formerly known as acis, are now included with the leucojums.
beautiful bulbous plants john weathers

acis and galatea was sung at the first concert; the others were entirely miscellaneous.
worcestershire in the nineteenth century t. c. turberville

acis, crushed to death by polyphemus, was changed into a stream, but from his blood there sprang the flowering rush.
the sacred tree j. h. philpot

(greek myth) a sicilian shepherd and the lover of the nymph galatea. in jealousy, polyphemus crushed him with a huge rock, and his blood was turned by galatea into a river
andy, charles, ian’s system.
a geometric engine that most cad packages now use. acis uses a sophisticated object-oriented approach for modelling, the data is stored in boundary representation. acis is owned by spatial technologies.
[how does this differ from “solid modelling”?].

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