american college of laboratory animal medicine

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  • Aclastic

    aclastic aclastic a·clas·tic (ə-klās’tĭk) adj. not refracting light rays; nonrefractive. relating to or exhibiting aclasis.

  • Acle

    the hard, durable wood of a philippine leguminous tree, albizzia acle, used for making fine furniture. historical examples a mile and a half further on, and we came to acle bridge, twelve miles from yarmouth. the handbook to the rivers and broads of norfolk & suffolk g. christopher davies acle (mimosa acle) gives logs up […]

  • Acleistocardia

    a failure of the foramen ovale of the heart to close. acleistocardia a·cleis·to·car·di·a (ə-klī’stō-kär’dē-ə) n. an opening in the oval foramen of the heart.

  • Acli

    acli american council of life insurance

  • Aclinic line

    an imaginary line on the surface of the earth, close and approximately parallel to the equator, connecting all those points over which a magnetic needle shows no inclination from the horizontal. historical examples aclinic line, the magnetic equator, along which the needle always remains horizontal. the nuttall encyclopaedia edited by rev. james wood noun another […]

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