acronym for “a company that makes everything”
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i seriously need to stop buying products from this sh-tty company. i broke three of my ribs and shattered my leg the last time i used their cr-p.
i’m still hungry as h-ll, and i haven’t captured that godd-mn road runner yet. f-ck you, acme!.
company wile e. coyote always ordered his equipment from, usually with disasterous results. now in use to denote a shoddy, cheap, or inferior product, the use of which will probably lead to certain doom.
we needed a professional welder, but all we had was doug and his acme set.

my drums were stolen, so i’m getting by with this acme set.

the good news is, they finished my x-rays; the bad news is, i think i saw ‘acme’ on the side of the machine.

(squinting at footage of the shuttle blowing up) wait… i see… a… c… m… e…
an actual store in the northeast that sells groceries. fear it.
“i’m going to acme after work to pick up some eggs.”
a little town in northwest washington that is about boring till summer time then its the tourist hot spot for tubing the south fork of the nooksack river
i went to the boring town of acme in winter but came back in summer and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
j-panese term for -rg-sm (noun form).

kana: アクメ; romanji: ak-me
dude a: if things go well i might get to see her acme face.
dude b: you’re such a f-cking weeaboo.

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