a blasphemous servant of the necrowizard.
works against the unacolytes of the unnecrowizard and usually succeeds, considering the superior frost-power of the necrowizard.
attack, acolytes!
the acolytes gathered in order to satanically praise the necrowizard.
a religious apprentice training for higher religious duty.
raymond became an acolyte for the church.
a follower of the path of light, clarity is said to be achieved through the -ssistance of one such fellow, who guards the flame and tends the gl-ss. never straying from the path.
micheal gin done got me whackered on the b-tch… f-cking acolytes … the undying flame of olympus brings on yet another night to day. jib monkey 4 ever!!!
attribute used to describe an impotent young male, usually with an addiction for video games.
i feel sorry for him, poor little acolyte

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