a mountain in w argentina, in the andes: the highest peak in the western hemisphere. 22,834 feet (6960 meters).
historical examples

far away in the northeast the snowy m-ss of aconcagua, loftiest of all american summits, floats like a white cloud on the horizon.
south america observations and impressions james bryce

aconcagua is one of the sharpest climatological limits in the world.
the argentine republic pierre denis

then you get the backbone of the continent in the west, the andes with aconcagua rising to 23,000 feet above sea level.
the amazing argentine john foster fraser

the old moraines of aconcagua ultimately turn into sand dunes.
the alps martin conway

even aconcagua, greatest of all volcanoes, is as rotten as the rest.
the alps martin conway

the eastern limit of the zone spared by the frosts p-sses about thirty-five miles from the foot of aconcagua.
the argentine republic pierre denis

zurbriggen has recently got to the top of aconcagua, a height of 24,000 feet.
the birth-time of the world and other scientific essays j. (john) joly

the spiry exuberance of milan cathedral can be paralleled in the neighbourhood of aconcagua.
the alps martin conway

the first battle was fought on the aconcagua at concon on the 21st.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 6, slice 2 various

aconcagua being probablyxliii the highest mountain in the new world, a new measurement is eminently desirable.
narrative of the circ-mnavigation of the globe by the austrian frigate novara, volume i karl ritter von scherzer

a mountain in w argentina: the highest peak in the andes and in the w hemisphere. height: 6960 m (22 835 ft)

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