Acoustic guitar

a traditional, unamplified guitar.
contemporary examples

darren and him were talking and bruce had an acoustic guitar and picked it up and played the song for darren.
rourke’s resurrection tom tapp october 7, 2008

george would take out his lyric book and acoustic guitar and play us the song we would be working on that day.
when gary wright met george harrison: dream weaver, john and yoko, and more gary wright september 28, 2014

it was a lot of bonfires and acoustic guitar and kegs and all that stuff.
‘divergent’ star miles teller is about to take over hollywood kevin fallon march 19, 2014

ronson landed a deal as the self-described “white girl with the acoustic guitar on roc-a-fella.”
samantha ronson speaks out about her music and life after lindsay lohan chris lee february 27, 2012

george took his acoustic guitar and began showing me the chord changes, which i nervously wrote out on a chord chart.
when gary wright met george harrison: dream weaver, john and yoko, and more gary wright september 28, 2014

an ordinary guitar, which produces its normal sound through the sounding board and is not amplified in any way compare electric guitar

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