Acoustic stria

acoustic stria

acoustic stria n.
see medullary stria of fourth ventricle.

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  • Acoustic theodolite

    an acoustic device that records a continuous vertical profile of ocean currents at a particular site.

  • Acoustic torpedo

    a torpedo guided by sound that either emanates from the target or is emitted by the torpedo and bounces off the target.

  • Acoustic trauma deafness

    acoustic trauma deafness acoustic trauma deafness n. the impairment or loss of hearing caused by injury to the inner ear after exposure to extremely loud or prolonged sounds.

  • Acoustical cloud

    one of a number of acoustic panels installed near the ceiling of a concert hall to reflect sound for improving the acoustic quality of music.

  • Acoustical surveillance

    the collecting or recording of information by sound-detection methods and devices, as for intelligence purposes.

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