anti chris pang -ssociation

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  • jive boogie

    the delivery of an untruth in such blatant but stylish manner that the recipient views the performance as entertaining rather than offensive (usually said whilst laughing) ‘you is talkin’ pure jive boogie momma!’

  • joe daki

    pakistani’s joe bloggs oi mate can u get any weed? dunno , i’ll try the joe daki whos that? the pakistanis mate, oh?

  • bumbaclat

    word of jamaican “patois” origins. exclamation of surprise, marvel, or disgust. b-mbaclat! look ‘pon dis fine gyal ere’so!

  • bumbcheese

    cheese that comes out of the crack. billy has alot of b-mbcheese.

  • Bumcut

    haircut that is made by a certain large lady sitting upon a young mans head while the young mans father and the large lady’s son cuts the son’s hair at a very slow speed. if the lad survives he is generally left with a b-mcut. ashes: somebody’s got a b-mcut!! stinkey: lucky he’s still alive.

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