to accept;to give in without abjection
did she acquiesce when you told her to get the books??
to rest satisfied, or apparently satisfied, or to rest without opposition and discontent (usually implying previous opposition or discontent); to accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object.
tiger woods was forced to acquiesce to his wife’s demands after scr-w-ng every babe in a town with a golf course or else have her take him for all he was worth.


boss: i have decided to remove all cubical walls in order to improve communication between co-workers
employee: i’ll acquiesce to your judgment oh great one…
to enjoy a half-piece of chicken without wondering why or making the host feel weird.
carrianne (thinking, while eating a piece of chicken that had clearly been cut in half by her host): hmm… that’s a new one, but i will acquiesce to this and enjoy what little chicken i did receive. mmm. it’s good!

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