Acquired character

a noninheritable character that results from certain environmental influences.
historical examples

the writer is not aware that there is at present on record a single adequate proof of the heredity of an acquired character.
the organism as a whole jacques loeb

music, like language, is also an acquired character, and it is probably not transmitted.
h-m–culture martin luther holbrook

an acquired character is simply a modification, due to some cause external to the germ-plasm acting on an inborn character.
applied eugenics paul popenoe and roswell hill johnson

it was their acquired character that probably led eventually to their disuse.
women of england, volume 9 (of 10) burleigh james bartlett

in contradistinction to this conception is that which -ssumes inversion to be an acquired character of the s-xual impulse.
three contributions to the theory of s-x sigmund freud

and further, our much-vaunted two thousand years of culture is a thing of the mind, an acquired character.
the kempton-wace letters jack london

they are usually contrasted with “acquired characters,” using the expression “acquired character” in the lamarckian sense.
darwin and modern science a.c. seward and others

personal temperament, acquired character, or external conditions may make the feeling greater or less.
theoretical ethics milton valentine

his words are: “if there has been no transmission of acquired character there has been no evolution.”
h-m–culture martin luther holbrook

alcoholic degeneration is not a functionally-produced modification, but it is an acquired character, as is lead poisoning.
parenthood and race culture caleb williams saleeby

acquired character n.
a nonhereditary change of function or structure in a plant or animal made in response to the environment.

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