the act of , especially the gaining of knowledge or mental attributes.
often, acquirements. something that is , especially an ability or attainment.
historical examples

george grafton was a banker, by inheritance and to some extent by acquirement.
abington abbey archibald marshall

she has, indeed, a natural politeness, which transcends all acquirement.
clarissa, volume 3 (of 9) samuel richardson

and because experience of foreign countries was expensive and hard to come at, the acquirement of it gave prestige to a young man.
english travellers of the renaissance clare howard

the grand thing that is needed is to give the s-xes like motives for acquirement.
susan b. anthony alma lutz

in a book the technical part can serve only to point the way, because the acquirement of technique demands practical experience.
pedagogical anthropology maria montessori

“i think you will find the acquirement of french and italian sufficient discipline,” said he.
eventide effie afton

the uninformed mind seems insensible of the idea of the right of possession which the labour of acquirement gives.
the lusiad lus de cames

he gave his days and nights to the acquirement of various sciences.
chambers’s edinburgh journal, no. 462 various

it is even a question whether a certain egotism is not necessary to the acquirement of a certain happiness.
philosophic nights in paris remy de gourmont

holiness, to be truly human, must not only be a gift, but an acquirement.
holy in christ andrew murray

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