the act of .
the discharge of a debt or obligation.
a doc-ment or receipt as evidence of the discharge of a debt or obligation.
historical examples

neither party denied this acquittance given in the king’s name by the justiciary richard de luci.
life of thomas becket henry hart milman

in that case the acquittance falls on the land, and not on the person.
the common law oliver wendell holmes, jr.

bodlyes chest, as appeares by dr. chaworthes acquittance in the same box.’
annals of the bodleian library, oxford, a.d. 1598-a.d. 1867 william dunn macray

so i sente my acquittance, for they said without mine ther would be no end made (& ther was good reason for it).
bradford’s history of ‘plimoth plantation’ william bradford

pray settle accompts with barnes; take what money of mine is in his hands, and give him acquittance.
the expedition of humphry clinker tobias smollett

then seeing that i waited (for they had forgot to give me my acquittance), they dropped talking suddenly.
sir ludar talbot baines reed

a release from or settlement of a debt, etc
a record of this, such as a receipt

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