(used with a plural verb) the feats of an ; gymnastics.
(used with a singular verb) the art or practice of feats.
(used with a plural verb) something performed with remarkable agility and ease:
the verbal acrobatics of a habitual liar.
contemporary examples

he has no use for the mind-numbing bloat of ringling brothers nor does he like the light-show and acrobatics of cirque du soleil.
giovanni zoppé’s real-life family circus malcolm jones october 20, 2012

acrobatics, glittery lollipops, and lots of crying are involved—you have been warned.
shia lebeouf, michael f-ssbender & more full-frontal men (video) the daily beast june 17, 2012

historical examples

reverse control flying and acrobatics–stunting generally is impossible for them.
dorothy dixon wins her wings dorothy wayne

after the acrobatics came sleight-of-hand with cards and handkerchiefs.
the flying death samuel hopkins adams

that was the incredible impression his acrobatics had produced—incredible, yet somehow actual.
day and night stories algernon blackwood

i gave him a wild ride with lots of acrobatics: loops, rolls and spins.
the biography of a rabbit roy benson

the acrobatics which he performed with that defenceless consonant were marvelous.
kent knowles: quahaug joseph c. lincoln

after he has done that the student goes to pau for his test in acrobatics.
the a.e.f. heywood broun

there was no room for acrobatics, but practically everything else that a well-ordered minstrel show should have we had.
huts in h-ll daniel a. poling

we’ll have arab acrobatics, persian dances, a grand march, electric lights and absolutely no money to distribute.
the man from brodney’s george barr mccutcheon

(functioning as pl) the skills or feats of an acrobat
(functioning as sing) the art of an acrobat
(functioning as pl) any activity requiring agility and skill: mental acrobatics

1859, from acrobatic; also see -ics. also acrobatism (1864). in early 20c. acrobacy (from french acrobacie) sometimes was used.

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