a yellow, flammable liquid, c 3 h 4 o, having a stifling odor, usually obtained by the decomposition of glycerol: used chiefly in the synthesis of commercial and pharmaceutical products.
historical examples

during the oxidation of the fats, the glycerine in them is converted to acrolein or acryl-aldehyde, which also aids the tanning.
principles and practice of fur dressing and fur dyeing william e. austin

acrolein, a light volatile limpid liquid obtained by the destructive distillation of fats.
the nuttall encyclopaedia edited by rev. james wood

acrolein is a clear colourless liquid, lighter than water, boiling at about 125 f.
cooley’s cyclopdia of practical receipts and collateral information in the arts, manufactures, professions, and trades…, sixth edition, volume i arnold cooley

a colourless or yellowish flammable poisonous pungent liquid used in the manufacture of resins and pharmaceuticals. formula: ch2:chcho

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