acromiocoracoid a·cro·mi·o·cor·a·coid (ə-krō’mē-ō-kôr’ə-koid’)
relating to the acromion and the coracoid process.

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  • Acromiohumeral

    acromiohumeral acromiohumeral a·cro·mi·o·hu·mer·al (ə-krō’mē-ō-hyōō’mər-əl) adj. of or relating to the acromion and the humerus.

  • Acromioscapular

    acromioscapular acromioscapular a·cro·mi·o·scap·u·lar (ə-krō’mē-ō-skāp’yə-lər) adj. of or relating to both the acromion and the scapula.

  • Acromiothoracic

    acromiothoracic acromiothoracic a·cro·mi·o·tho·rac·ic (ə-krō’mē-ō-thə-rās’ĭk) adj. of or relating to the acromion and the chest.

  • Acromiothoracic artery

    acromiothoracic artery acromiothoracic artery n. see thoracoacromial artery.

  • Acromphalus

    acromphalus acromphalus a·crom·pha·lus (ə-krŏm’fə-ləs) n. abnormal projection of the umbilicus.

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