Acrylic fiber

any of the group of synthetic textile fibers, as orlon, made by the polymerization of acrylonitrile as the princ-p-l component with one or more other monomers.
acrylic fiber
any of numerous synthetic fibers polymerized from acrylonitrile.

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  • Acrylic fibre

    noun a textile fibre, such as orlon or acrilan, produced from acrylonitrile

  • Acrylonitrile

    a colorless, flammable, poisonous, carcinogenic liquid, c 3 h 3 n, used for the production of polymers and copolymers, as rubbers, fibers, and clear plastics for beverage containers. noun a colourless liquid that is miscible with water and has toxic fumes: used in the manufacture of acrylic fibres and resins, rubber, and thermoplastics. formula: ch2:chcn […]

  • Acrylyl

    containing the . noun (modifier) of, consisting of, or containing the monovalent group ch2:chco-: acrylyl group or radical

  • Acrylyl group

    the univalent group c 3 h 3 o−, derived from acrylic acid.

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