act of God

(n.) unfortunate event which could not have been stopped by better maintanance. a legally accepted term in many countries
telegraph pole falls down during a storm and crushes your house, car and kills your family? you can’t sue the company that put it up, act of g-d act of g-d!
1.) n. a legal term, usually meaning a natural disaster or other uncontrollable event.

2.) n. a miracle, astounding event. primarily used by religious people.
1.) sorry, but we can’t replace the ipod you lost in the hurricane because it was an act of g-d.

2.) i just won the lottery yesterday! what an act of g-d!
something that t-ss-r insurance companys use, so you can’t sue some corporation because there was an accident with a man made object, that was caused by a natural event, so say, a mudslide pushes your poorly constructed house over, along with another 200 peoples, n-bady can sue the builders because they didn’t cause the mudslide. widely doc-mented in the fictional movie with billy connoly, “the man who sued god” about a man whose bat is destroyed when lightning strikes it, and sets off to sue the insurance company, then, after discovering about the act of god rule, goes and sues god…
my car was h-t by a weakly cemented signpost during gale force winds, and i can’t sue the f-cking council because it’s an act of god dammit!

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