an actor language.
[“issues in the design of act2”, d. theriault, tr728, mit ai lab, june 1983].

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  • Act3

    act3 language a high-level actor language by carl hewitt. a descendant of act2 which provides support for automatic generation of customers and for delegation and inheritance. [“linguistic support of receptionists for shared resources”, c. hewitt et al in seminar on concurrency, s.d. brookes et al eds, lncs 197, springer 1985, pp. 330-359]. (1994-11-08)

  • Acta sanctorum

    a collection of the biographies of the christian saints and martyrs, edited by the bollandists and arranged according to the ecclesiastical calendar. historical examples this immense series is popularly known either as the “acta sanctorum” or the bollandists. the contemporary review, january 1883 various this particular story is found in the acta sanctorum for july […]

  • Actable

    capable of being or suitable for . historical examples here the dramatic form was much more definite, though still not attempting acted or actable drama. a history of nineteenth century literature (1780-1895) george saintsbury the thing is to pack them all into a neat little framework and then act what is actable. three plays luigi […]

  • Actability

    capable of being or suitable for .

  • Actalk

    actalk language a smalltalk-based actor language developed by j-p briot in 1989. [“actalk: a testbed for cl-ssifying and designing actor languages in the smalltalk-80 environment”, j-p. briot, proc ecoop ’89, pp. 109-129]. (1994-11-08)

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