a sea anemone, especially of the genus actinia.
historical examples

this genus has been separated from actinia on account of its habit of throwing out threads when irritated.
glaucus charles kingsley

the locomotive power of the anemone, or actinia, is very sluggish.
harper’s young people, april 13, 1880 various

the actinia gemmacia, which is like a gorgeous sunflower, is said to be the most voracious of its kind.
harper’s young people, april 13, 1880 various

actinia mesembryanthemum, partially expanded; (a) ditto, closed.
glaucus charles kingsley

one of the most common among the many varieties of sea-anemones is the actinia mesembryanthemum.
harper’s young people, april 13, 1880 various

each several coral-individual is equivalent to a single living polyp (actinia).
the wonders of life ernst haeckel

the actinia cr-ssicornis, asterias glacialis and oculata, are common.
an account of the bell rock light-house robert stevenson

cut off the tentacles of an actinia, and they are replaced in a short time, and the experiment may be repeated indefinitely.
the ocean world: louis figuier

this actinia differs from those described above, in having two of the sides flattened, instead of being perfectly circular.
seaside studies in natural history elizabeth cabot cary ag-ssiz

actinia mesembryanthemum is the common smooth anemone which abounds on every part of our coast.
the book of the aquarium and water cabinet shirley hibberd

noun (pl) -tiniae (-ˈtɪnɪˌiː), -tinias
any sea anemone of the genus actinia, which are common in rock pools

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