Action stations

plural noun
(military) the positions taken up by individuals in preparation for or during a battle
(military) a command to take up such positions
(informal) a warning to get ready for something
historical examples

the notes of the call to action stations were still screaming through the ship.
the lost warship robert moore williams

all ratings other than this gun’s crew were standing by for “action stations.”
500 of the best c-ckney war stories various

the bugles blared, and they hurried to their action stations.
pincher martin, o.d. h. taprell dorling

“action stations,” alexis ordered, for the command seemed to have shifted to him from dougal.
huntingtower john buchan

as he fumbled for his matches he froze suddenly still as a bugle blared “action stations!”
h.m.s. —- klaxon

the mob behind me broke up, talking, as men under long habit ran for action stations.
greylorn john keith laumer

the alarm bell clanging for ‘action stations’ was the first intimation i had that anything was afoot.
sea-hounds lewis r. freeman

at five minutes to four tea was served in the gun-room, and, twenty minutes later, action stations were taken up again.
the heroic record of the british navy archibald hurd

the captain was called, and must have concluded the same, for he at once ordered her put about and sounded ‘action stations.’
sea-hounds lewis r. freeman

the old ship came to a standstill and we all proceeded to action stations.
500 of the best c-ckney war stories various

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