Activated charcoal

a form of carbon having very fine pores: used chiefly for adsorbing gases or solutes, as in various filter systems for purification, deodorization, and decolorization.
contemporary examples

as for the claims that activated charcoal will help purify your body from toxins?
could eating charcoal help you detox? dailyburn september 19, 2014

activated charcoal is the same stuff you find in emergency rooms and brita water filters.
six secrets of sleep hacking to get more effective rest ari meisel december 1, 2013

activated charcoal capsules—sometimes you eat or drink something and wish you hadn’t.
these are the 15 supplements to keep in your medicine cabinet ari meisel december 27, 2013

some natural health pract-tioners also say activated charcoal can be useful to treat minor digestive issues.
could eating charcoal help you detox? dailyburn september 19, 2014

a porous highly adsorptive form of carbon used to remove colour or impurities from liquids and gases, in the separation and extraction of chemical compounds, and in the recovery of solvents also called activated charcoal, active carbon

activated charcoal ac·ti·vat·ed charcoal (āk’tə-vā’tĭd)
finely powdered charcoal treated to increase its adsorptive power; it is used in treating diarrhea, as an antidote, and in purification processes in industry.
activated charcoal
highly absorbent carbon obtained by heating granulated charcoal to expel any gases it contains, resulting in a highly porous form with a very large surface area. it is used primarily for purifying gases by adsorption, solvent recovery, or deodorization and as an antidote to certain poisons.

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