Active service

the status of full-time service:
on active duty.
contemporary examples

the chinese military has a new stealth jet, but what messages are they sending as it is prepared for active service?
beijing’s new stealth jet: made in china brendon hong november 15, 2014

style-wise, there has perhaps been just one outfit that could be described as a miss since kate returned to active service.
kate middleton, the preggers fashion princess tom sykes november 13, 2014

although harry 28, said he would love to return to the front line, he has likely seen his last spell of active service.
prince harry won’t be redeployed in afghanistan tom sykes january 24, 2013

the realities of active service dictate that paternity leave often cannot be taken until some time after the happy event itself.
is prince william trying to miss the royal baby’s birth? tom sykes june 30, 2013

general honoré retired on february 29, 2008, after 37 years of active service with the united states army.
the hero summit 2013 speakers september 9, 2013

historical examples

for this is the u-47-½’s first experience of active service.
our navy in the war lawrence perry

his countrymen were the first to press steam into the active service of mankind.
blackwood’s edinburgh magazine, no. 327 various

sally was never content unless she had at least one man or boy engaged in her active service.
the camp fire girls at the end of the trail margaret vandercook

this was in november, rather a latish month for active service on those waters.
ned myers james fenimore cooper

active service allowance is thirty francs a month—five dollars.
private peat harold r. peat

military duty in an operational area
full-time service, as in julian is 81, but he still comes to the office every day and is very much on active duty. this term comes from the military, where it stands in opposition to reserve, which refers to troops still in the military but not actively engaged. it is occasionally transferred to civilian matters as well. [ first half of 1800s ]

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