Acton, Massachusetts

essentially the epitome of angsty teenage boredom, acton, m-ssachusetts is a small suburban town an hour out of its state’s capital city, boston.
the town is vastly overpopulated, mostly by asians who have moved into tiny townhouses that were erected in places that either used to hold forests or recreational buildings. due to the constant demand for housing, more and more locations initially meant for entertainment are being destroyed to build complexes.
their high school is largely filled with dumb jocks with vocabularies as broad as that of the average fourth grader’s, and c-ked-out wh-r-s who are unnaturally thin and unnaturally blond.
the most common activities for these bored teenagers are smoking marijuana behind the bowladrome, getting drunk in public, complaining about how boring acton is, throwing up the horrible low-quality asian food at harmony’s restaurant, and having orgies.
also, a good number of crazy people live here. a prime example is the demographic of girls who were obsessed with horses in middle school and now hook up with boys at random, go out of their way to hit on men who obviously don’t want them, and make ridiculous youtube channels that make them look like schiziophrenic nutcases.
i would not suggest vacationing here.
1: dude, where did you go on vacation?
2: acton, m-ssachusetts.
1: what did you do there?
2: nothing..

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