surgery. a needle, especially one used in a surgical operation.
(def 1).
historical examples

for acus with an aspiration nor without is no word of the countrey.
the princ-p-l navigations, voyages, traffiques, and discoveries of the english nation, volume xiv (of 16) richard hakluyt

amongst these is the roman fibula, which instead of being made of one piece of metal, is of two pieces—the bow and the acus.
jewellery h. clifford smith,

rhadamanthus judged the asiatics, æ´acus the europeans; and when a very difficult case arose it was referred to minos.
the student’s mythology catherine ann white

family names usually terminate in -ĭd (after latin patronymics, such as acĭd, sons or descendants of acus).
the new gresham encyclopedia various

patroclus alone sat opposite to him in silence, waiting upon the descendant of acus when he should cease to sing.
the iliad of homer (1873) homer

the kingdome of acus is one onely small citie, where they gather cotton which is called acucu.
the princ-p-l navigations, voyages, traffiques, and discoveries of the english nation, volume xiv (of 16) richard hakluyt

thus he spake, and he aroused the spirit within his breast; and he hastened to run to the ships to achilles, the grandson of acus.
the iliad of homer (1873) homer

aeacus (ae′acus), one of the judges of h-ll, with minos and rhadamanthus.
1000 mythological characters briefly described edward s. ellis

seuerall sorts of fishes there are which do or may beare the names of seawoodc-cks as the acus maior scolopax and saurus.
the works of sir thomas browne thomas browne

administrative conference of the united states

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