Acute angle

acute angle
acute angle

an angle whose measure is between 0° and 90°. compare obtuse angle.
historical examples

the wind roared and shrieked in its wild fury, and such was its force that i fell in an acute angle.
the pacha of many tales frederick marryat

at the bottom of the falls the river turns an acute angle and flows to the west.
one day’s courtship robert barr

it went down at an acute angle for some fifty feet, the floor being covered with broken stone.
the last galley arthur conan doyle

then both our chins -ssumed an acute angle and remained thus.
the wit and humor of america, volume viii (of x) various

her figure might have served to ill-strate all the doctrines of the acute angle.
discipline mary brunton

as in the triangle aei, let the angle at i, be taken for an acute angle.
the way to geometry peter ramus

the osprey, closing up from the south, held a course at an acute angle with that of the fugitive, to head her off.
the north pacific willis boyd allen

he struck it at an acute angle, and that showed him he had made a good line.
a simpleton charles reade

the detachment moved northwestward from sinkat, at an acute angle to its morning’s march.
the four feathers a. e. w. mason

it is perforated near the most acute angle and also through the base.
the archaeology of the yakima valley harlan ingersoll smith

an angle that measures less than ninety degrees but more than zero degrees. (compare obtuse angle and right angle.)

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