to introduce the into (a compound).

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  • Acylation

    to introduce the into (a compound). noun the introduction into a chemical compound of an acyl group

  • Acyloin

    a hydroxy ketone of the general formula rcochohr, where r is an element or group.

  • Acyltransferase

    acyltransferase acyltransferase ac·yl·trans·fer·ase (ās’əl-trāns’fə-rās’, -rāz’) n. an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of an acyl group from an acyl coa to various acceptors. also called transacylase.

  • Acystia

    acystia acystia a·cys·ti·a (ā-sĭs’tē-ə, ə-sĭs’-) n. congenital absence of the urinary bladder.

  • Ad absurdum

    to the point of absurdity. historical examples reductio ad absurdum—a reduction of an adversary’s conclusion to an absurdity. dictionary of quotations from ancient and modern, english and foreign sources james wood and so gersonides proceeds to demolish maimonides’s position by reducing it ad absurdum. a history of mediaeval jewish philosophy isaac husik housewife in fact […]

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