Ad interim

in the meantime.
historical examples

francisco rizzo—general; becomes governor (ad interim), 1898.
the philippine islands, 1493-1898: volume xvii, 1609-1616 various

about the same period the vacant post of kapellmeister at the darmstadt court was given to him ad interim.
the violoncello and its history wilhelm joseph von wasielewski

first:—the extension of the ad interim term of copyright from sixty to 120 days.
the london mercury, vol. i, nos. 1-6, november 1919 to april 1920 various

antonio molto—segundo cabo, term as governor (ad interim), 1888.
the philippine islands, 1493-1898: volume xvii, 1609-1616 various

the ad interim governments could make little progress in securing its enforcement.
the south american republics, part ii (of 2) thomas c. dawson

on the death of this said person it was given to don francisco valdes, who likewise served it ad interim.
the philippine islands, 1493-1898, volume xxv, 1635-36 various

the new government was only, however, of an ad interim nature, for it was not certain that england would keep canada.
montreal 1535-1914, volume ii (of 2) william henry atherton

in such cases the affidavit must be filed when the ad interim copyright is sought to be extended to the full term.
copyright: its history and its law richard rogers bowker

federico lobaton—naval officer; term as governor (ad interim), only one day in 1888.
the philippine islands, 1493-1898: volume xvii, 1609-1616 various

the deleonites issued a special referendum circular signed by the ad interim officers.
the i.w.w. paul frederick brissenden

adjective, adverb
for the meantime; for the present: ad interim measures, ad int

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