a awesomely beautiful girl who has gorgeous eyes with a lovely personality. a very unique awesome name and is very smart, sensitive girl with lots of things on her mind. she may seem distracted a lot and that’s because she is most of the time. very creative and sometimes shy but silence is her only weakness. she doesn’t think she’s attractive but in reality she’s the most gorgeous thing you’ll ever meet. always contemplating something. easy to get along with. everyone loves her. stands up for her friends and would never hurt anyone intentionally. not easily influenced. has so much planned for her. can be stubborn. remember her, she’ll be widely known soon. if you fall in love with adalyn don’t ever let her go. looks like the most innocent person alive but can be the s-xiest, likes being pushed to do better.
person 1: dam look at adalyn she so gorgeous

person 2:get to know her she pretty awesome
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the sweetest most beautiful baby in the world, always smiling and loves her mama

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