Adam bede

a novel (1859) by george eliot.
historical examples

george eliot, somewhere in adam bede, has a mot: when a donkey sets out to sing, everybody knows beforehand what the tune will be.
the english novel sidney lanier

my chief complaint with adam bede himself is that he is too good.
the atlantic monthly, volume 18, no. 108, october, 1866 various

a portrait of him, also preserved there, is known among the family as “adam bede.”
george eliot mathilde blind

“adam bede” has been written, and the second volume is in type.
george eliot’s life, vol. ii (of 3) george eliot

it was not until she was forty years of age that she established a reputation by the publication of “adam bede.”
literary byways william andrews

this was adam bede, which she completed by the end of october, 1858.
the english novel sidney lanier

in the first group of novels adam bede is the most natural, and probably interests more readers than all the others combined.
english literature william j. long

is that the book minerva said was an easy-looking one, not exciting—’adam bede?’
east angels constance fenimore woolson

the wood scene with adam bede still further ill-strates the same characteristics.
the ethics of george eliot’s works john crombie brown

adam bede thought so, as he glanced at her for a moment on rising from his knees.
adam bede george eliot

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