edward fenech. born 1934, maltese politician, president of malta (2004–2009)
historical examples

most of the other writings of the master seem to have preceded this edition; for adami enumerates them in his prodromus.
introduction to the literature of europe in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, vol. 2 henry hallam

prof. adami holds that the regular development of layer upon layer of new connective tissue is non-inflammatory.
arteriosclerosis and hypertension: louis marshall warfield

several theories have been propounded to account for the origin of c. adami, and for the transformations which it undergoes.
the variation of animals and plants under domestication, vol. i. charles darwin

the following p-ssage is from mr. hallam’s account of campanella and his disciple adami.
notes & queries, no. 27. sat-rday, may 4, 1850 various

regarding the imitations of the stage, see adami, de poetis scen.
the oriental religions in roman paganism franz c-mont

(1st edition), concerning campanella and adami, is better founded, though your correspondent c. is himself not wholly accurate.
notes and queries, vol. iv, number 102, october 11, 1851 various

he was considering a voyage to havre and “a little trip with dr. adami” when he arrived.
in flanders fields and other poems john mccrae

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