\ˈa-dəm\ the shiz of shizs. he is intelligent beyond his years and knows how to have a good time. he is slightly inappropriate depending on your sense of humor. he has a great smile and a friendly heart, as long as you’re not an annoying idiot. he is funny and can always make you smile. he’s trustworthy and true. he’s very sincere and devoted. he is talented in a wide variety of skills (i.e. technology (i.e. computer hacking skills), climbing trees, telling jokes, laughing, quoting movies/songs, writing, being protective, tongue exercises (i.e. clover, fork, upside down both ways). not much bothers adamme making him a happy go lucky guy.
-my grandma told my mother i’m becoming quite the little adamme.

-adamme is the best friend a person could ask for.

-my boyfriend is such a jerk, i wish he would have inherited more adamme genes.

-my grades are poor and my parents ask me why i can’t be more like adamme.

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