as drunk as possible with out puking
“how drunk are you getting tonight?” “adapwop for sure”

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  • Terrabucks

    terrabucks: a trillion dollars. the united states is certainly a rich nation. it has terrabucks of cash in the kitty.

  • Flobby Penis Syndrome

    a medical disorder where blood flow to the p-n-s is restricted, and may result in short limp erections. other wise known as erectile dysfunction. guy: man i feel bad for chad, he has flobby p-n-s syndrome, bro.

  • dwbt

    don’t worry about that friend: “hey, are you & matt talking?” you: “dwbt” friend: “fine.. be that way, but i’ll find out”

  • Danish Puddin cup

    to take a sh-t into a cup, then give it to someone as a dessert. sh-tcream. she gave him a danish puddin cup for dessert.

  • lasse larsen

    a nignog from denmark that likes the beatles, pink floyd, and dank memes likes to do hash with frederik and has the fluffy beard that makes all the ladys wet af that guy is such a l-sse l-rs-n

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