insanely awesome person. loves going to prom with girls named katie and eating cotton candy. adarsha’s are always super gangster as well.
and katie said to the adarsha, “you is my numba 1 gangsta!”
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the most swagged out person you will ever meet
he’s the kewlest kid on the block and has his whole life planned out.
he’s an undercover nerd that works for the fbi while leading a busy -ss life filled with soccer, tennis, volunteer work, and school.
receives frequent phone calls right when he’s talking to polish people from obama b/c obama seeks adarsha’s advice on the middle east crisis
there is only one person kewler than him: any gurl named veronika
do not mistake his name for 1) asharda or 2) arshada
its adarsha, trick.
dayum. adarsha is swagged out today. but veronika be lookin better than that trick.

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