f-ck boy
addai is usually a boys name and is someone who isn’t loyal to many and lies / cheats to get what they want, an addai speaks to a lot of girlssss and is known as a player. an addai loves to play sports mainly soccer

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  • cave slave

    a slave to the cave; one who guards select caves for all eternity; every full moon a light been emits from their b-ms revealing the hidden secrets of the cave. “did you see that bright light?” “yeah! it’s a full moon, it must be the cave slave revealing the hidden secrets of the cave.”

  • the fire breathing goblin

    the fire breathing goblin is when your partner picks their nose and places their mucus into your -n-l cavity. you then proceed to fart the mucus back into their mouth. hey bebe how kinky are you? i’m a 12 level wizard kinky have yoh ever try the fire breathing goblin?

  • too much tina

    playing video games 50+ hours a week i was on too much tina mode all week and got nothing done.

  • jade rene

    jade is a beautiful young lady in and out. she’s got huge dreams that are sure to come. everyone loves a jade. jade rene “jade rene is so lovely.”

  • 💛

    the yellow heart is the color for friendship or being friendzoned “my chick just posted a pic of me and her” “she’s not your chick dude she put the 💛 emoji next to your name…”

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