one who is addicted to all
i be add-cktz f00
www dot add-cktz dot com

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  • addish

    short for addition, usually used after saying “in”. in addish, chelsea lately is on tv tonight! 1 more definition add your own a confusing blend of english and mumbojumbo usually occurring during late night conversations, and only by those named adeline chan. although cute at times, adeline’s addish makes for conversation stoppers.

  • Admiral Piett

    utter legend in the ranks of the imperial army. “it’s an older code sir, but it checks out.” 1 more definition add your own piett was a loyal imperial officer aboard darth vader’s flagship, the executor, during the hoth campaign. as an attentive captain aboard the super star destroyer, he was more creatively minded than […]

  • adorablesaurus

    a very cute dinosaur, typically one that makes people laugh due to its cuteness “wow, that thing was so cute i’m about to pee my pants in laughter. what was it?” “an adorablesaurus dude.”

  • ADPi

    nickname for alpha delta pi sorority also spelled “a dee pi” i’m so d-mn proud to be an adpi!

  • adrine

    a beautiful girl who’s willing to do anything for you and hold you down. yet then can be the devil if you get on her bad side. willing to make sacrifices to keep you happy. unforgettable, trustworthy, and loving. never met and adrine before

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