a awesomly beautiful girl who has gorgeous eyes with a lovely personality. a very unique awesome name a very smart, sweet girl with lots of things on her mind. she may seem distracted a lot and that’s because she is most of the time. very creative and sometimes shy, she always has to have music on. silence is her only weakness. she doesn’t think she’s attractive but in reality she’s the most gorgeous thing you’ll ever meet. often sp-ces out when near windows. always contemplating something. very pale and doesn’t care. easy to get along with. everyone loves her. stands up for her friends and would never hurt anyone intentionally. picks the wrong crowd. not easily influenced. has soo much planned for her. remember her, she’ll be widely known soon. if you fall in love with addie don’t ever let her go. she likes playfighting. looks like the most innocent person alive but can be the s-xiest, kinky little thing if you get her to that stage. likes being pushed to do better.
girl:your so petty addie
addie:no im not, but thanks
guy next to them:d-mnn you finee
a person that is so awesome that she can not be described here, and she is very loud.
person one: “well what’s she like?”
person two: “ummm, she’s just addie, i can’t describe her.”
a slang term for the amphetamine pill marketed as adderall.
yo man can you hook me up with some of those addies?
a beautiful girl with an outgoing and sweet personality. leaves a forever lasting impact on your heart. very fun to be around, and doesn’t realize how funny she is. always striving to be better, and work that much harder to get better. a girl you definitely want to be best friends with, as she is very loyal and trustworthy. addie’s never lie and never cheat. if your ever blessed to have the opportunity to be friends with an addie, do it! one of the best decisions i ever made!
people: “addie, your so gorgeous, i miss you!”
addie: “i miss you too! sooo much!”
a pretty fly chick, she’s super hott and she’s the bestest in the world. she loves to party, pretty much the description of every guys’ dreamgirl.
yo man, i wish i had addie, she’s super s-xy.
a person resembling a woodland creature; an extreme hip-hop dance move
squirrel; did you see that girl do “the addie”?
a crazy girl who likes to have fingers in her hoo hah. she lies, leads guys on, and pushes her real friends away, and chooses s-x over true relationship. within the next 3 months she will be a known as a “c-m dumpster”. she also has been known to try to turn mutual friends against other friends. a real b-tch.
“hey bro, have you heard what that girl did this weekend? she’s a total addie..”

“dude.. she really screwed me over! she’s just like addie!!”

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