a fictional couple from the hit televison drama, ‘private practice’. fans took addison and sam’s names and created the t-tle: addisam to show homage to their favorite couple and to have a sense of unity. they represent the couple who has it the hardest, united under very difficult circ-mstances, have different wants and goals in life when it comes to having a family, yet through it all the one thing that remains strong and never changing is their love for each other. the coupling is one of the few in shondaland who didn’t fall in love after s-x. they were bestfriends who fell in love because they were always there for each when they needed it. sam knows how to be gentle with addison when needed and also how to be tough and let her know someone can be strong for her. addison knows how to let sam feel like a man, as well as check him and be a strong intelligent woman at the same time. they are each other’s “anyway friends” because through all the bs, fights, trials and heartache they survive together and love each other anyway.
fans love them for their fight, their journey and the unconditional love they share. televisions first leading interracial couple, with a black man and a white woman challenging all the odds of today problems, diversity and acceptance. this couple isn’t perfect, but when it comes to the most realistic, they are as close as it gets.

“we are always good together, when it’s just us, we’re great together…” – sam

“for the first time in a very long time, call me crazy, but i can honestly say i am… happy!” – addison

sidenote: addisam is the only ship name ever to be mentioned on a shonda rhimes show.
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a fictional couple from the show private practice made up of addison and sam. quite possibly the worst relationship to ever grace television, full of lovely conversations like the one where sam got angry at addison for reporting a rape to the police or the one where he said he’d “try” to love her and beautiful interactions like the time he threw her against a fence and forced himself on her despite her protests or the time he shook her because it was her mother’s funeral and he didn’t like the way she was grieving.

fans are supposed to believe he is too perfect for addison though because she is simply a cheating wh-r- and should be happy with whoever will put up with her and her silly emotions.
there was another addisam scene on tonight’s episode. and yes, sam did state how perfect he was yet again.

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