addison marie blevins

a very amazing person. she will do anything for her friends and expects nothing in return, is sweet, smart, intelligent, loving, kind, witty, clever, and funny. she is a native speaker of sarcasm and likes to have fun. she goes all out in relationships. if you have an addison marie blevins, you are a very, very lucky man. she isn’t quick to trust, and requires a lot of re-ssurances in a relationship. she is one of the most loyal people on the planet and deserves the world, nothing less. you will probably never meet another woman like her. she’s a once in a lifetime kind of girl, so if you let her go, you’ll regret it until you die. she’s perfect.. i wish i wouldn’t have screwed it up.. if you ever read this addi, just know that i love you and that i’ll always be here for you no matter what. i don’t care if it’s 3:00 a.m., if you ever need somebody to talk to, call me. if i don’t answer immediately, just keep calling until i do.

sincerely from texas,

i met this girl on july 8th, 2016 named addison marie blevins and she is the most amazing girl on earth. i really truly regret losing her.

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