a masculine name. yeah, that’s right, it’s a guy’s name. in recent times, it has become more popular as a girl’s name. however, it literally means in old english, “adam’s son”. joke’s on them for whomever mocks a guy named addison.
girl named addison: “hahaha, you have a girl’s name.”
addison: “b-tch, go look up what it means.”
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the best, most amazing, talented, s-xiest, most adorable person that has ever come into my life 🙂 ever.
addison is all mine.
a beautiful person who is not at all in the least bit average. no matter how stubborn they want to be about this topic they are not. and everyone knows it is true. generous and kind but with a willful, strong, lion like att-tude to them that comes of in a bright, sweet way. they lend a helpful hand and know how to have fun and talk in many languages. enjoys company but also some quiet time. they are a truely extraordinary kind of person. they just don’t realize it when they really, really, really should.
addison do you know youre amazing?

but you are you so are
but im not
how so
im just average
but youre not!!!! please stop that
addison means son of adam and is totally a boys name… and i light of all the “the lion, the whitch, and the wardrobe” popularity im sure we are all familiar with sons of adam and daughters of eve. -_- lets use our minds here. addison is strong confident, sensitive, well rounded, intelegent, good man with a spark in his eye and always a fresh idea!
i always have so much fun with addison.

there is never a dull moment when i am hanging out with addison!
a name. now more commonly used as a girls name. a beautiful girl who has one of the most amazing att-tudes ever. her smile can lift your spirits. and her voice can make you smile. she has her own opinion and her own voice but still has sympathy and feeling for the people around her. she gets it. she can understand people like no one else can. she seems perfect……thats because she is. if you have an addison as a girlfriend you are one of the luckiest guys in the world.
dude#1:dude i can’t wait to get out of school
dude#2: why bro?
dude#1: i get to see addison
dude#2: dude……..your lucky.
n. a sweet, caring individual who accepts you for who you are.
addison is an amazing boy who doesn’t judge me for being weird.
addison is a name that is becoming very popular… its not -ssociated with gangs nor s-xual acts… as far as i can tell my addison is bold, loud, and speaks her mind and knows how to get what she wants.. dont mess with her family or friends or you will feel her rath, no matter how small she is. addison is verbally inteligent.. she likes to play pranks and is good at it… addison is a good person to have on your side
q: what is ur daughter’s name?

a: addison…

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