there aren’t any definitions for addler yet.

can you define it?

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  • kamikaze style

    a very reckless crazy like human being that has the ability to thrash others i dont care what they say! we are getting into this club even if we have to go kamikaze style

  • beef sheath

    1. your girlfriend 2. a v-g-n-l cavity, in which you place your man sword. 1. i can’t do poker night, i’m going to the opera with my beef sheath. 2. last night i slayed some serious beef sheath.

  • phalangeenis

    the strange phenomenon when a hand grows in place of your p-n-s, making everything but nut grabs extremely inefficient. bob: i was in a fight with todd the other day jake: did you win? bob: nah, he crushed my nuts in a killer phalangeenis jab jake: aww man, what a b-mmer! bob: nah, that came […]

  • niktash

    the last name of someone with a small p-n-s emma niktash has a small p-n-s

  • wiyw

    there aren’t any definitions for wiyw yet. can you define it?

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