Address book


a notebook or equivalent electronic storage medium where one keeps names and addresses; in computing, esp. for email addresses

you can easily add and delete from the software’s address book.
contemporary examples

the address book can be found on my table in the study should need same.
the man oswald first tried to kill before jfk bill minutaglio, steven l. davis october 2, 2013

instead, he opens his address book and “there’s two dead guys on every page.”
the stacks: harold conrad was many things, but he was never, ever dull mark jacobson march 7, 2014

historical examples

directing your attention to your address book, you have an entry in your address book of the texas school depository, do you not?
warren commission (3 of 26): hearings vol. iii (of 15) the president’s commission on the -ss-ssination of president kennedy

“with pleasure,” said count poltavo, reaching for his address book.
the secret house edgar wallace

lady galorey put down her address book impatiently: does he look like an impostor?
the girl from his town marie van vorst

you’ll find the address under j. in my address book in my handbag.
roast beef, medium edna ferber

and the printing in your address book to which you were addressing yourself was what?
warren commission (3 of 26): hearings vol. iii (of 15) the president’s commission on the -ss-ssination of president kennedy

he discovered that he had left his address book in his grip.
partners of chance henry herbert knibbs

you were comparing that printing which you saw him put in your address book with what?
warren commission (3 of 26): hearings vol. iii (of 15) the president’s commission on the -ss-ssination of president kennedy

she tied the address book in the corner of her green veil while mrs. watterson looked on curiously.
the campfire girls go motoring hildegard g. frey

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